Smart Move by TransUnion: Revolutionizing Credit Scoring

Smart move by transunion is an online tenant screening tool that provides landlords with credit, criminal, and eviction reports of potential tenants. Smart move streamlines the tenant screening process by allowing landlords to receive accurate and reliable information on prospective tenants quickly and easily.

As a landlord, finding a trustworthy tenant is a vital aspect of managing property. Tenant screening can be a time-consuming and often costly process, but with smart move by transunion, it has never been more effortless. This online tenant screening service provides extensive background checks on prospective tenants, including credit, criminal, and eviction history reports.

The reports are available within minutes and are easy to read and understand. Smart move not only simplifies the tenant screening process, but it also helps landlords make informed decisions about their prospective tenants. Overall, smart move is a practical solution for landlords looking for a hassle-free and reliable tenant screening tool.

Smart Move by TransUnion: Revolutionizing Credit Scoring


The Problem With Traditional Credit Scoring Methods

Traditional credit scoring methods are facing a challenge due to their outdated models and limited information. Neglecting alternative data sources makes it difficult to accurately measure creditworthiness, leading to disadvantageous outcomes for certain demographics. To tackle this issue, transunion has made a smart move by embracing alternative data sources.

These include rental history, utility payments, and even social media activities to enhance the scoring models and minimize bias against underserved populations. This step has resulted in a more comprehensive and accurate creditworthiness evaluation, benefiting both lenders and consumers. By embracing new ways of gathering data and incorporating emerging technologies, transunion is paving the way for a smarter and more inclusive credit industry.

The Smart Move Solution

Transunion has come up with a smart move solution. They are using alternative data sources, machine learning and ai to build up a thorough creditworthiness profile. Incorporating more sources has resulted in increased accuracy and reliability. When applying for loans, having a comprehensive credit report will work in the applicant’s favor.

Smart move solution makes the process more accessible and convenient. With the help of ai and machine learning software, they analyze data that has previously been ignored. Incorporating alternative data sources have helped expose trends that were previously invisible. This approach is the future of credit reporting and it’s exciting to see how it will progress.

The Benefits Of Smart Move

Smart move by transunion includes the benefits of reaching overlooked demographics, resulting in more accurate credit risk assessments, surprisingly improved borrower experience, and better access to credit. With this algorithm, transunion aims to shed light on neglected yet financially stable individuals, who otherwise struggle to obtain loans.

This program not only helps to eradicate biases and stereotypes, but it also makes credit a more inclusive sector, increasing the human-to-human interaction and experience. It’s a win-win situation for lenders and borrowers alike, resulting in transparency and efficiency that cater to a larger audience than previously possible.

By acknowledging the value of the ignored demographics, transunion is revolutionizing the credit industry and setting a standard for integration and fairness.

Industry Impact

Transunion’s smart move initiative has the potential to revolutionize the credit industry. The program promises to advance credit scoring refinement, making it more accurate, efficient and impactful. Smart move aims to harness the power of alternative data sources, such as utility bills, rental payments and payday loans, to provide a more comprehensive view of consumers’ creditworthiness.

This could increase the number of people eligible for credit and reduce the risk for lenders. The impact of smart move could be significant, as it has the potential to help people with thin credit files who have been traditionally excluded from credit access.

With this smart move, transunion is cementing its position as a pioneer in the credit industry, setting it apart from its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions On Smart Move By Transunion

What Is Transunion’S Smart Move?

Transunion’s smart move is a tenant screening tool for landlords and property managers.

How Does Smart Move Work?

Smart move collects information from a tenant, such as credit reports, background checks, and eviction records, to help landlords make informed decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Move?

Smart move simplifies the tenant screening process, saves time, reduces risk, and helps landlords select reliable tenants.

Is Smart Move Reliable?

Smart move is reliable. Transunion is a reputed credit reporting agency, and smart move uses their data to provide an accurate tenant screening report.

How Much Does Smart Move Cost?

The cost of smart move varies depending on the level of screening required. Basic reports start at $25, and more comprehensive reports can cost up to $40.

Is Smart Move Available Everywhere?

Smart move is available in the us, covering all 50 states, and puerto rico. However, tenant screening laws vary by state.


Transunion’s bold decision to acquire signal, a global leader in real-time people-based marketing, is a smart move that further cements its position as a leading data analytics and credit scoring company. This acquisition aligns with the growing need for data and technology-driven capabilities in the fast-evolving credit market.

Transunion’s new acquisition helps create a unified identity resolution and measurement engine that delivers results for businesses across industries. With signal’s expertise in data storage and management, transunion can meet the highest standards of data protection and management in today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

The move not only expands their offerings but also makes it easier for businesses to access advanced customer data analytics and insights that exceed traditional credit information. By expanding their customer reach and improving data management capabilities, transunion is poised to make a major impact on the credit landscape for years to come.

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