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Life Insurance – Benefits, Meaning And Duration

Life insurance: It’s another video again from us.

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From our previous videos, we discuss about the meaning of medicare insurance and everything that concerns it.

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Life insurance

Yes we will be talking about life insurance with it’s relative topic.

Life insurance is popularly known as one of the most important type of insurance.

It’s mostly subscribed by individual who want to secure their life incase of unexpected incident that may take their life.

Or otherwise, it could be a sickness or diseases that can claim the individual life.

So with this, they tend to subscribe to this type of insurance.

That’s just it.

Now, let define life insurance in the standard way for better understanding.


What is life insurance?

Life insurance can simply be defined as a contract between insurance policy holder and the insurance company (Insurer) where it is promised by the insurer to pay a certain amount of money on the death of the insurance policy holder.

The amount to be paid by the insurer is wholly depended on the type of agreement the insurance policy holder and the insurer had.

In most cases, the life insurance plan is triggered when the policy holder is very sick or in a long term illness.

So in this case, it’s not only the death of the insurance policy holder that activate the life insurance funds but sickness also does.

Hope you get that?

Now let move on to the next section.

How long do you pay life insurance?

How long do you pay life insurance

Here is another important question most life insurance policy holder love to ask in order to have better understanding of how the payment for this type of insurance will be executed.

So with this, we decided to provide the definite answer in this video.

Here it is:

The payment duration for life insurance is usually between 10 to 30 years.

This is depended on the types of insurance company you are partnering with and also the way the agreement is been set.

In some cases, the payment duration for some life insurance policy holder can be up to 50 years and more.

This varies differently on the type of agreement and insurance company used.

That’s it.

Let’s move on to the other section.

Life insurance Benefit

Life insurance benefits

Now it’s time you get to know the merit of subscribing to the life insurance policy.

This section will give you more reason to be under the coverage of life insurance for yourself and even including your relative.

The benefits are as follows;

  1. Covering of final expenses
  2. Coverage for severe illness or sickness
  3. Provision of Tax – Advantage estate
  4. Availability of financial security
  5. Creation of wealth

That’s all for now.



Subscribing for the life insurance package will go a long way to benefit you and your family in the later day.

Hope this video give more light about what the life insurance and the benefit of life insurance.

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