How Many Insurance Agents Are There in the US? A Comprehensive Report

As of 2018, there were roughly 434,000 insurance agents in the United States. The majority of these agents worked for either insurance carriers or brokerages, while a small number were self-employed. The insurance industry is expected to grow at a moderate pace in the coming years, and employment of insurance agents is projected to grow 10 percent from 2018 to 2028.

There are over two million insurance agents in the United States. That’s a lot of people helping to protect families and businesses from the financial devastation that can come from unforeseen events. While the vast majority of these agents are honest and hardworking, there are always a few bad apples who give the industry a bad name.

If you’re thinking about becoming an insurance agent, or working with one, it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company and individual. The best way to find a good insurance agent is to ask for recommendations from friends and family who have had positive experiences. You can also check out online reviews, but be aware that some fake reviews may be posted by unscrupulous agents trying to boost their business.

Once you’ve found a few potential candidates, take the time to interview them and ask questions about their experience and credentials. Choosing an insurance agent is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. By taking your time and doing your homework, you can find someone who will help you navigate the complex world of insurance and get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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How Many Insurance Agents are There in Us?

There are over two million insurance agents in the United States. The majority of these agents work for insurance companies, but there are also a large number of independent agents. The job outlook for insurance agents is positive, with a projected growth rate of 10% through 2026.

How Many Insurance Agents are There in the Us 2022?

The number of insurance agents in the US is expected to grow by 2% in 2022. This growth is due to the aging population and the increasing demand for insurance products. There are currently about 2 million insurance agents in the US, and this number is expected to grow to 2.04 million by 2022.

The majority of insurance agents (60%) work for independent agencies, while the rest work for either direct writers or captive agencies.

Is There a Demand for Insurance Agents?

There is a demand for insurance agents, but the number of openings each year is expected to exceed the number of job seekers. The median annual wage for insurance agents was $48,150 in May 2019. The top 10 percent earned more than $116,940, and the bottom 10 percent earned less than $26,120.

What Percentage of Insurance Agents Succeed?

This is a difficult question to answer because success is relative. Some insurance agents define success as making a certain amount of money, while others define it as helping a certain number of people. However, we can look at some statistics to get an idea of how many insurance agents are successful.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average salary for an insurance agent in the United States is $63,030 per year. However, this number does not take into account how many hours an agent works or whether they are full-time or part-time. It also doesn’t reflect how much commission an agent makes, which can vary greatly depending on the type of insurance they sell and the company they work for.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 2 million insurance agents in the United States. Of these, about 50% are self-employed and the other half work for Insurance Carriers. The median income for all insurance agents was $48,210 in 2016 (the most recent year data is available).

This means that half of all insurance agents make more than this amount and half make less.

How Many Insurance Agents in the Us


How Many Health Insurance Agents in the Us

As of 2019, there were about 2.4 million health insurance agents in the United States. The vast majority of these (88%) worked for insurance carriers, while the rest worked for brokerages or other organizations. The number of health insurance agents has been growing steadily in recent years, due in large part to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Since the ACA was enacted in 2010, the number of health insurance agents has increased by 37%. There are a few reasons why the ACA has led to more demand for health insurance agents. First, the law requires all Americans to have health insurance coverage, which has created more customers for insurers.

Second, the ACA created new health insurance exchanges, which are online marketplaces where people can compare and purchase plans. These exchanges require navigators or certified application counselors to help consumers understand their options and enroll in a plan. Many of these navigators are also licensed health insurance agents.

The growth of the health insurance industry is expected to continue to drive demand for agents in the coming years. In addition to continued enrollment growth under the ACA, baby boomers will begin to age into Medicare eligibility over the next decade.

How Many Insurance Agencies in the Us

There are over 3,000 insurance agencies in the United States. The majority of these agencies are independent, meaning they are not affiliated with any particular insurance company. Many of these agencies represent multiple insurers, giving them a wide range of options to offer their clients.

Some agencies specialize in certain types of insurance, such as health or life, while others provide a more general array of coverage.

How Many Life Insurance Agents in the Us

The life insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar business with thousands of agents across the United States. But how many life insurance agents are there really? And what do they do?

In short, the number of life insurance agents in the US is difficult to determine precisely because there are so many different types of agents selling various kinds of policies. However, a 2017 report from LIMRA found that there were approximately 486,000 professional life insurance agents in the US that year. The majority of these (70%) worked for independent agencies, while the rest were employed by either captive or direct insurers.

So what do all these life insurance agents actually do? Well, their job is to help people like you and me choose the right life insurance policy to fit our needs and budget. They’ll ask us questions about our health, finances, and family situation in order to get an idea of what kind of coverage we need.

Then they’ll shop around for policies from different insurers on our behalf and present us with options. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide which policy to buy, but having a knowledgeable agent by our side can make the process a lot easier.


The number of insurance agents in the United States has been declining in recent years. In 2015, there were approximately 2.5 million insurance agents, down from 2.7 million in 2010. The decline is due to a number of factors, including the increasing use of online tools by consumers and the retirement of older agents.

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